The Lab

Scattering Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope (s-NSOM)




A state of the art near-field microscope, from Neaspec GmbH, modified in-house for phase-resolved measurements.

Our device works both in the visible and near IR spectrum.

device specifications are available here.


Chameleon femtosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO)




The Chameleon Ultra II, from Coherent Inc. – a 140 fs, 3.5 W maximal output power OPO, with a spectral range of 680-1080 nm.

device specifications are available here.


CW lasers

cobolt cni










High power CW lasers at working wavelengths of 671 nm (400 mW, MSL-FN-671-S by CNI Laser), 660 nm (300 mW, Cobolt Flamenco by Cobolt), 594 nm (100 mW, Cobolt Mambo by Cobolt) and 532 nm (200 mW, MSL-FN-532-S by CNI Laser; 250 mW, Cobolt Samba by Cobolt).


Spatial light modulators (SLM)




Phase only spatial light modulators, working in the visible and near IR spectrum. We employ both 60 Hz (PLUTO-2, Holoeye Photonics) and 83 Hz (P1920-0635, Medowlark Optics) minimal switching frequencies.


Super-resolution light microscope

We are currently in the process of modifying the Axio Imager Vario, a large sample optical microscope from Carl Zeiss AG, into a super-resolution microscope, capable of resolving features up to 70 nm.

Click here for more details on the super-resolution method.